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Culture Day!

Every year in Japan on November 3rd, Culture Day (文化の日) is held across the country.

The holiday was originally held to celebrate the birthday of Emperor Meiji from 1868 until 1912. Culture Day eventually evolved from this to celebrate Japanese arts, culture, and scholarly accomplishments.

The different prefectures of Japan often host things like art exhibits, martial arts demonstrations, and parades. Some have certain themes, like traditional clothing or artwork, and others are more generic in nature.

Along with all of the regional festivities, the award ceremony for the Order of Culture is also held in Tokyo’s Imperial Palace. This involves the emperor doling out an extremely prestigious award to someone who has advanced or contributed to science, the arts, or culture in a significant way, though the recipient does not necessarily have to be Japanese. This is one of the most honored awards that can be bestowed by the Imperial Family.

Do you think the United States should begin celebrating culture with a national holiday? What do you think it would be like?

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