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Core Value: Quality

QualityQuality is something which every person strives to achieve in every single thing they do.  At Mango, quality is something that is expected without question.

When Mango puts out language courses for literally millions of people, every inch of our program needs to be pristine and without error.  Mango Languages, for this reason, is a company that welcomes constructive criticism, suggestions, and ways to make anything the company does better. Every course is checked for quality by everyone in the process, including each of us in the office.  This is to ensure that the end user will not experience anything less than our best.

What do you think? Why does quality work matter?

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    • I am very impressed and excited about learning Vietnamese from my library’s Mango subscription.

      I had a question about some of the pronunciations. I like the numbers for the tones. However, sometimes there are 2 different voices (in the sentence and in the single word) and they seem to be 2 different accents. This is only the case in a couple of words, but I thought you might want to know about it.
      One of the cultural notes talks about the 3 different dialects. Which dialect is used in your examples?


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