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Core Value: Integrity

Values_Road_Sign_300x199Mango Languages’ core values define our work culture. These values play a key role in every single thing that we do throughout the day here at Mango. Our six core values are:

1. Entrepreneurial Spirit
2. Quality
3. Innovation
4. Integrity
5. Fundipline (hybrid of fun and discipline)
6. Positive Attitude

Today’s post is about #4, Integrity. I, personally, think this the backbone of all of our other core values. Without it, the other core values truly cannot exist.

We take this core value very seriously at Mango. From course creation all the way to the promotional goodies we dole out, every step in the process is taken with careful consideration. It is embodied in everything: from double-checking the quality of every slide, to our Language Learning Specialists’ everyday interactions, even to the highest level of the company where all of our largest decisions are made.

Integrity is what really sets us apart from a lot of other companies, and not just in Language Learning. I think that having this core value be reflected in everything we do from day to day helps us to keep a good “head” on the company shoulders.

What do you think? Does integrity translate into good work?

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