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Core Value: Innovation

Innovation word cloud glowingMango Languages’ core values define our work culture. I have to admit we have a pretty fun culture, and our core values come in to play in just about everything we do.  Our six core values are:

1. Entrepreneurial Spirit
2. Quality
3. Innovation
4. Integrity
5. Fundipline (hybrid of fun and discipline)
6. Positive Attitude

This post is all about #3: innovation.  According to Wikipedia innovation is a change in the thought process for doing something, or the useful application of new inventions or discoveries.

This core value is really important to keep things fresh and to add new ideas on the product development side of the business.  We work hard to keep the ideas flowing.  Having brain storming sessions. Working on cross-departmental teams. Coming up with crazy out of the box ideas and trying to find ways to make it happen.

Lots of creative juices flow around here. The only challenge… we are still only three years old and don’t have a ton of resources like the big guys. So, we have to be innovative in how we implement our ideas.

I think this is what makes us different than many other language learning companies. We are always looking at what is the next big thing and how do we get there. A truly great equation for success.

How do you keep innovating in your job?

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