Congrats, Wayne County Library System.

November 15, 2012 / by Mango Languages

Mango would like to congratulate to the Wayne County Library System in Pennsylvania for being selected as the library with the “Most Outstanding Usage” for the month of October! Boosting user sessions over the past few months, WCLS has driven usage by conducting outstanding outreach efforts to local schools and actively by recommending Mango to patrons looking to learn a foreign language.

Mary Fritz, Outreach Coordinator for WCLS, explained: “We are a large rural county and because of our logistics, many people cannot get to our libraries. So, we decided to take the library out to the community.” Mary works with local schools to promote Mango – and the library’s other resources – at Freshman Orientation, Curriculum Night, PTA and faculty meetings, Parent Teacher Conferences and at individual classes. They also initiated a "Tutoring Tuesday" program, in which students can access the library’s resources during their study hall period, and are working on a “Library Ambassadors” program to encourage students to spread the word about library offerings to their peers.

Mary explains: “The local school districts realize the importance of our resources and are very supportive. Since August, we have reached out to approximately 2500 students and families through our schools. I also present our website to business and service groups – and there has been a tremendous interest in Mango Languages overall! I especially enjoy hearing students say hello, goodbye, etc. in many languages.”

The staff at WCLS explained that the county also has an active adult and senior population who do a fair amount of travel, so librarians regularly point these patrons toward Mango to support their language learning needs.

Mango wants to congratulate WCLS on their outstanding efforts to promote language learning in their community. They are truly an example to follow. Keep up the great the work!

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