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November 4, 2015 / by Jillian Rodriguez


Shedding old skin isn’t always a bad thing. When Mango sheds its skin to make way for fresher, younger skin it means making your learning faster, more dynamic, and (of course) easier on the eyes. We’re excited to announce that our Flash Client redesign goes live November 5th across all courses. From ESL Spanish to Tuvan, this upgrade equals big gains for Mango students of every inclination. A reigning champ of the tech world, we opted for a redesign because of its top speed, interactivity, and rich graphics — everything that our learners need to take their language learning to the next level. We think it’s important that when you choose Mango, your language learning is easy on the eyes (and brain). Let’s take our next-generation courses for a quick spin, shall we?

Visions of mangos.


Got visions of Mangos dancing in your head? Us, too. Get ready for our signature Mango characters and their Mango Worlds to join you on your language-learning journey. They even packed a suitcase. In our opinion, the importance of aesthetic cannot be overstated. Get ready to enjoy richer, more dynamic, and quickly-loaded graphics seamlessly integrated into your courses. 


Immersive learning experience.


You’ve likely heard us use this phrase before, and that’s because it’s always been one of our guiding principles. That said, we wouldn’t be Mango if we weren’t constantly striving to outdo ourselves - and that’s exactly what we did. In the newly redesigned Conversations courses, you’ll enjoy an experience as seamless as watching a movie. Designed to be responsive, direct, and the ideal host for high-quality audio and video, your language-learning experience will feel like a quick trip to a foreign-language double feature.


Most likely to succeed.


Overall, this upgrade equals language-learning success for our users. The motivation behind this redesign was to bring you a visually engaging, cutting-edge, and comprehensive interface to meet, and exceed, your language-learning needs. Your community will love interacting with each course’s upgraded media, multitasking capabilities, and rich, revamped graphic design.

But there’s only one way to know for sure: try it out for yourself on November 5th and let us know what you think. We’d love to hear your reviews — after all, it’s all about you! Log in and enjoy your upgraded language courses with Mango — you deserve it.

Psst! You might notice that our web version now more closely resembles our mobile design too. Check out our mobile apps to compare for yourself!

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Jillian Rodriguez

Written by Jillian Rodriguez

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