Challenge Yourself in the New Year with #31DaysofLanguage

December 27, 2017 / by Lydia Koehn

31 Days of Language.We’re counting down the hours here at Mango until we can officially ring in the New Year! In the meantime, we’re busy jotting down last-minute additions to our lists of resolutions — but our language goals are still on top.


#31DaysofLanguage Challenge is back!

Are you hoping to boost your self-confidence, improve your competitiveness in the job market, make new friends, or learn a new skill? Then join our social media challenge #31DaysofLanguage starting January 1, 2018! Hit the ground running on your New Year’s Resolutions with daily challenges designed to expose you to new practices of increasing fluency in another language.

We’re here to help you become the bilingual (or multilingual!) you’ve always wanted to be. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter for each day’s new challenge. These challenges will be quick enough to complete in a single day and will be perfect for those resolving to learn a new language from scratch. Be sure to tag us when you post your accomplished challenge using #31DaysofLanguage.


Download our challenge calendar to preview the language-learning journey we've designed to help you make this new year your best yet.

Mango_31DayChallengeCalendar_2018_web.jpgWant to get a head start? Log into Mango or start your free trial by creating a profile to track your personal progress throughout the course.


Start Learning


Which language are you resolving to learn in the new year? Share your New Year’s language resolution in the comments section below! 

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Lydia Koehn

Written by Lydia Koehn

E aí, tudo bem! A lively lexicologist, Lydia loves munching on alliterative morsels almost as much as she enjoys swapping tales of travel adventures.

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