Celebrate National Hairstyle Appreciation Day with Mango Languages

April 29, 2014 / by Mango Languages

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April 30th is National Hairstyle Appreciation Day, and we’ve got you covered. Here at Mango, we try to take every single opportunity to celebrate, and ever since we missed National High Five Day (April 17th, we will meet again…) we’ve been devoting extra attention to the fun and obscure holidays that take place all year long. So linger in front of that mirror a little longer this Wednesday, because you’re having a great hair day.

Don’t believe us? We've said it all along, and Mango’s public libraries have an entire drawer full of evidence. We can’t help it if our users are gorgeous, and we’re not the type to bite our tongues. National Hairstyle Appreciation Day is the perfect time to show your users some love, Mango style. Our free promo kits include free, fun resources to share with your patrons. Hang up our "You're Having a Great Hair Day" posters, pass out printable bookmarks, share desktop and mobile backgrounds, dish out some old-fashioned face-to-face hair compliments, and watch the language-loving sparks fly.

When you’re done celebrating your great hair, why not celebrate great language-learning? Whether you’re fighting monolingualism, in love with lovable language-learning, or just excited to learn Spanish in your underwear, Mango’s promo kits are easy, fun gifts available to all of our public libraries and their users. These downloadable resources have helped libraries host Mango launch parties, recruit new users, and build language-learning communities. We even used our promo posters to create a fun, bright whiteboard wall in our office, where Mangos can share their Language Learning Highs and get some inspiration. Sound like something your library's patrons will love? Download your free promo kit now, and start a conversation with your users. Free gifts are a great ice-breaker.

There's a year full of justifiably gushy Mango love ahead, and we can't wait to share it with you. Your hair game is as fresh as ever, libraries – we're just trying to keep up.


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