Celebrate in German with Mango's Oktoberfest course.

September 22, 2014 / by Jillian Rodriguez

Oktoberfest German
Autumn is upon us, and our favorite things are popping up all over. The leaves are changing, sweater season is in full swing, and pumpkin spice is the active ingredient in every meal. Plus the color orange is basically everywhere, so we’re feeling very at home lately. But for language lovers (and beer enthusiasts), the true reason for the season is the 16-day historic cultural festival that we all know and love: Oktoberfest.

Originating in Munich, Bavaria in 1810, this German party has been going strong for a cool 181 years – and we think that’s worth celebrating. So this year, amp up your revelry with our free Oktoberfest German course. This fun and easy course teaches you to strike up a conversation, invite friends and family to celebrations, and discuss plans for the event – like your killer new lederhosen, which side of your dirndl you plan to put your bow, or just how many liters of beer you’re going to consume this year. The best part? This course – chock full of Oktoberfest culture and language – is available to anyone, so challenge your friends and family to learn alongside you for this year’s celebrations. Just try and get your studying done before the drinking begins – we’ve noticed there’s some retention issues when giant, brimming mugs of beer are involved.

Personally, we hope that each and every one of you are in Munich right now, ambling through Wiesn with a Brezen (pretzel) in one hand and a stein of Munich’s finest brew in the other. But if your celebrations are taking place stateside, there are plenty of authentic festivities across the country that are just waiting for you to grace them with your Oktoberfest knowledge and the language skills to match. And if this festive introduction to German language and culture gets you hooked on learning the entire language, so be it. There are plenty more courses where that came from, and we’re more than happy (anxiously awaiting, really) to chat with you about all that the German language has to offer.

The festivities are well underway, and there’s so much to celebrate – click below to start learning with Mango's Oktoberfest German course! O'zapft is!

Oktoberfest German

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