Learn Spanish: Why bother?

December 10, 2013 / by Mango Languages

Guest blogger and Mango Account Executive Nate Cenovski explains why it's worth while to learn Spanish.

Learning a foreign language is a demanding undertaking and requires a long-term commitment and consistent effort. So why even bother?

Learn Spanish Learn Spanish with Mango Languages.

There are a number of reasons to put in the work needed to learn Spanish. These can range from personal fulfillment to practical career advancement.

On the practical side, foreign language skills are some of the most demanded skills that can help a job-seeker separate from the pack. Finance, IT, education, law enforcement, customer service, hospitality, social services, and government jobs are all much easier to land if you can show you have a relevant skill that most others do not possess.

On the more personal side, learning Spanish can help you to reconnect with your heritage, make the trip of a lifetime that much more amazing, help you to understand co-workers’, neighbors’ and friends’ cultures at a deeper level or help your chances of getting a date with Salma Hayek or Javier Bardem.

Language itself is an expression of culture. Words and phrases can have markedly different sentiments than their literal translations. Understanding the most dynamic part of a culture, its language, allows you to see the world through a new set of eyes.

It can be one of the most fulfilling experiences to watch a movie without subtitles, read a book in entirety or dream in the foreign language. Once you achieve this level of ability, you will understand that all of the work and frustration was worth it.

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