Boosting Campus Usage with Website Visibility: A How To Guide

February 9, 2015 / by Jillian Rodriguez

To know Mango is to love Mango, and those of you who know us well know that we never shy away from the spotlight. We love attention, and that’s because attention on us means a major boost in usage for your campus. College campuses are some of the busiest places on Earth, and your school’s Mango subscription could easily get lost in the everyday hustle and bustle of campus life. We want to make sure your students have the opportunity to slow down and smell the language and culture learning roses.

If your students don’t know that Mango is a free, fun, and easily accessible language-learning resource available on campus, then they can’t use it. We’ve found that website visibility is often the secret to success in driving usage and making Mango a highly used, highly valued resource among students. We’ve put together a simple and effective how-to guide for rapidly increasing your campus’s Mango usage in just four simple steps.


1. Sharing is caring.


When it comes to sharing, libraries are the reigning champs. We’ve discovered that the more libraries share and promote Mango across campus websites, the more students log on and utilize it, quickly boosting usage. Seek out relevant departments, organizations, and activities and share your campus’s unique hyperlink with them, along with a brief description that they can feature on their own site. Schools have found some of their most loyal Mango users in International Student Centers, Travel Abroad programs, Foreign Language departments, International Studies departments, Career Centers, and students looking for learning support through the Student Service Center. Check out this awesome Mango shout-out on West Chester University's Library homepage, calling all students traveling abroad to check out Mango.

We can even hook you up with customized descriptions of Mango’s offerings, so that each department and organization can showcase how Mango will work for them. Don’t forget ― you can opt for your campus’s alumni to receive full access to Mango, so that students can keep learning long after they've graduated. Remind those that have flown the coop that they can continue their language and culture learning with Mango by placing our bright, fun banners on your school’s Alumni homepage.

2. Count your clicks.


When you’re counting the number of licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop, it’s all fun and games. But when it comes to your students accessing resources, it’s less about savoring the flavor and more about simple and easy access. Ideally, your school will place your direct Mango link in a location that's highly visible and easy for students to remember. Place the link on your school’s landing page and the campus library homepage, and watch your usage soar.

Sometimes, on a sad rainy day, we find a campus’s sole link to Mango buried in a listy, alphabetical database (as a member of the “M” community, we’re disadvantaged!) or misplaced in folders designated for research resources. While we’re in good company in these smarty-pants internet clubs, we’ve found that students are more likely to connect with us when we’re classified as an E-Resource or in E-Learning, and when the link is spread far and wide across relevant department, organization, and academic sites. Since we’re fully accessible via mobile devices, students are likely to download our app on the spot while searching resources online at the library, in computer labs, and on their mobile devices. Be sure you’ve downloaded Mango’s MARC records so that your students can discover Mango while they’re getting lost in the magic of the stacks.


3. Hire a virtual skywriter.


Who needs a skywriter when you’ve got the Mango Market? No matter which page you host our link on, attract a little extra attention by using Mango’s bright and fun banners and logos. Consider us your one-stop shop for all things Mango ― we’ve got free downloadable banners, web ads, and logos in different themes, languages, and colors. And that's just the start. Use Mango Market to pick your favorite items, customize them for your program, and ship it for free. Check out Mango Market and deck out your campus’s relevant sites with themed web ads, colorful logos, and multilingual banners that are sure to boost your usage and cut that click count in half.


4. Shine a spotlight on Mango.


One important way that colleges and universities support their students is by providing them with a wealth of diverse, and often free, resources across campus. Whether it’s learning resources, health care, learning supports, or discounts around town, it’s easy for students to overlook many of the awesome resources your school has to offer. Solution: create a Resource of the Month program for your library's homepage. Follow the one-click policy and shine a spotlight on a different campus resource each month, complete with a brief description and a direct link. Your students will be taking full advantage of previously untapped resources in no time.

Want to talk with our Academic Team one-on-one to create a customized website visibility plan for your campus? Get in touch with Miss Mango herself, AKA Andrea Salinas, (and be sure to ask her how she got the nickname!) at, or Academia's own awesome Katie Tilly, at, and we'll put together a plan specifically designed for your needs. We love showering you with extra attention.

How will you use website visibility to boost usage on your campus? Share your creative website visibility solutions with us (and your newly reduced number of clicks!) in the comments below, and don't be shy ― we’re known to shout-out our most creative clients on social media.

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Jillian Rodriguez

Written by Jillian Rodriguez

Jillian is a writer and editor out of Detroit, Michigan. She loves connecting people through new ideas, interesting stories, and good conversation. In her free time, Jillian loves to read, write, and listen to podcasts - in Spanish and in English!

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