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May 15, 2014 / by Mango Languages


Mango lovers, we've got good news. If you've wanted Mango to adorn your desktop background or shine as your Smartphone wallpaper, then you’re in luck. Whether you’re a veteran user, a newbie, or simply have us on your To-Do list, now’s the perfect time to put Mango’s bright, fun wallpaper on your various technological outlets.

We don’t mean to outshine Sparky (that’s your dog’s name, right?) or bump that Creative Commons photo of the Eiffel Tower off of your desktop background, but when you see Mango’s wallpaper designs, your inner language lover’s heart will skip a beat, we’re sure of it. That’s because we designed these free, fully downloadable backgrounds with you in mind – who else could be having such a great hair day? By now, you should know that we love our users in a big way, and we think it’s best if you’re reminded of that every time you log onto your computer, and whenever you check your Smartphone. Have a friend who could use some Mango loving? Pick out one of our extra-affectionate wallpapers and send it their way – we’re happy to spread the good vibes around.

So, have you downloaded your free Mango swag yet? Our designers have labored (but it’s a labor of love, right?) day and night (they have weird work schedules) to bring you Mango’s finest creative work, designed specifically to put a smile on your face and a love of language learning in your heart. From us to you, may your wallpapers forever be Mango.

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