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Rachel works with some of the coolest marketers, designers, and writers around to help Mango look and sound its best. She loves bold colors, old books, the Montréal metro, and Star Trek. She has conflicting feelings about the Oxford comma.

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Why learn a language?

By Rachel Reardon |   Mar 6, 2012 11:27:11 AM

Yesterday I explained why I bother learning a foreign language. Now let’s hear from you!

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Learning a foreign language: why bother?

By Rachel Reardon |   Mar 5, 2012 10:56:42 AM

“Why should I learn a language even if I never plan on visiting a place that speaks that language?”

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Now Hiring: HR Coordinator and Content Development Manager

By Rachel Reardon |   Feb 13, 2012 11:06:12 AM

Mango Languages is growing and we're looking for some awesome additions to our team! Are you or someone you know on the look-out for jobs in the Detroit area?

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Feature Friday: Language and Thought

By Rachel Reardon |   Jan 13, 2012 6:00:17 AM

Happy Friday Everyone!

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Travel Tuesday: Ringing In The New Year Right

By Rachel Reardon |   Jan 10, 2012 3:05:33 AM

Sawat dee pee mai! For those of you who don't speak Thai (myself included), Happy New Year! I hope you all had a safe and joyful celebration, full of good people, good times, and good food (and drink)! I write to you from 32,000 feet in the air, a mere 2 hours into my 12 hour flight from Bangkok to Paris, where I will have an 8 hour layover, followed by another 7 hour flight back to Detroit. A small price to pay for the absolute trip of a lifetime I just experienced during my two weeks in Thailand. My cousins and I traveled to Bangkok, Petchaburi, Chiang Mai, and Mae Hong Son, doing virtually everything from riding elephants, to kayaking, to shopping, to visiting temples, to playing with tigers, to shopping, to eating amazing food, to shopping again. Needless to say, we had our fair share of awe-inspiring activities to keep us occupied.

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Mango Monday: Mango wherever you go!

By Rachel Reardon |   Jan 9, 2012 5:53:52 AM

We asked users of our library iPhone app where they Mango! Here are some of our favorite answers from our awesome Facebook fans and Twitter followers:

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ALA Midwinter: Be Our Date.

By Rachel Reardon |   Jan 1, 2012 9:48:24 AM

Preparations are already underway for Mango’s booth at ALA Midwinter 2013 (Jan. 25th – Jan. 28th) and this year the theme is all about LOVE. Celebrating the love we have for our clients and the fantastic relationships we have built over the years. So there’s just one question to ask: will you be our date?

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Travel Tuesday: Riding the Information Wave

By Rachel Reardon |   Dec 13, 2011 4:53:56 AM

Military Librarians met a few weeks ago from December 4-9 for the 55th annual Military Libraries Workshop, and Mango Languages was there “Riding the Information Wave.”

With temperatures at 70 degrees with plenty of sunshine, Norfolk, Virginia served as a lovely backdrop for the over 150 MLW attendees, and 44 major library industry vendors at the annual event. Everywhere you looked, the town was beautifully decorated for the holiday season, from sculptured mermaids adorned with bow-tied wreaths to the lights along the harbor of Norfolk.

The successful MLW event kicked off with some pre conference sessions, including service meetings for all Military branch personnel on December 4th. Pre-conference sessions started on Monday, 5th December. The traditional welcome and vendor appreciation reception was held on the evening of Monday, 5 December. Most of my focused time was spent discussing new products, technologies and services targeted for the Military Library user base. The winners of the 2 Mango Languages door prizes were Cindy Shipley: United States Marines Corps (Mango Passport Gift Card), and Trevor Riley: National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration. This year’s events included: DTIC boot camp, Veterans History Project workshop and presentation, offsite at the MacArthur Museum and Archives; presentations on information overload, managing your library’s managers, analysis of intelligence, Coast Guard mission and information resources and for a little “after hours” fun, a pub crawl, a ghost walk, and much, much more. The highlight of the workshop was a banquet held aboard the Spirit of Norfolk on Wednesday, 7th of December, with a jazz theme.

Mango enjoyed being a sponsor of this year’s MLD (Military Library Division of SLA) Board Meeting, and especially enjoyed meeting clients, new prospects and vendor colleagues in Norfolk, the cultural heart of the Hampton Roads region. We were also excited to give out our brand new Mango camo bags!

MLW 2011 is a team effort with representation from all military services and other communities within the division. This year’s MLW hosts were the National Defense University and Joint Forces Staff College, both valued customers of Mango Languages. Mango Languages supports peace-keeping efforts of all branches of the Military and Government Agencies worldwide. Mango had such a blast in Norfolk, and we are anticipating seeing you all at MLW 2012!

Can you guess how many Foreign Languages are used by active duty members of the U.S. Military?



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Mango Monday: Around the world in the office.

By Rachel Reardon |   Dec 5, 2011 9:12:16 AM

We are proud to be a very diverse group here at Mango Languages.

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Feature Friday: Meet New Mango: Meagan Snavely

By Rachel Reardon |   Dec 2, 2011 4:48:06 AM

Mango is growing and fast! Thanks to all of you!

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