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How Librarians Can Prepare the Upcoming Freshman Class for Library Success

By Mango (PS) |   August 17, 2015

As the dog days of summer wind down, students are packing up their belongings, trading in their beach bags for backpacks and making their way back to campus. Before you know it, your library will be full of students ready to hit the books and make the 2015-2016 academic year their best yet.
But for the incoming freshman class, “hitting the books” isn’t as easy as it seems. The library, and all it offers, is quite possibly unlike anything they’ve ever seen. You’ve got a big job coming up in ensuring this new class knows where to find the special collections, how to use the university printing services and where their Biology 101 study session is located. Read on to find tips for preparing the upcoming freshman class for success at your library.

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Managing Assignees in Different Time Zones

By Mango (PS) |   August 12, 2015

Your assignee has all of their paperwork done, visas are approved and plane tickets bought. In just a few short days, they’ll be on their way to your company’s office in Singapore, halfway across the globe. You’ve done everything you can to help prepare them for their big move, but what happens once they’ve settled in to their new role?
As an HR manager, it’s your responsibility to keep up with assignees while they’re living and working abroad. But when you’re dealing with people dispersed all over the world, how do you stay in touch with someone whose waking hours directly coincide with your prime sleep time? Here are a few tips to help you juggle assignees that live in different time zones:

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Kicking Off the Year with Mango

By Mango (PS) |   August 10, 2015

Back to school season is upon us: everyone from students to teachers and other faculty are preparing themselves for the upcoming school year. As an academic librarian, you know that before long, the campus community will be flooding your spaces in search of anything and everything to help them get their study on. Books and electronic resources will be in high demand, of course, but what about those who are looking for help in the language and culture-learning department? Get the word out and help students to start their year off with Mango by trying these three outreach approaches.

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The Best Mango Programs for Assignees and Their Families

By Mango (PS) |   August 5, 2015

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: language learning is incredibly vital to the success of your assignee’s global relocation. In fact, if they and their family don’t know how to make language learning a priority, there’s a good chance that the assignment may end in failure.

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3 Ways Your Library Can Support Your Campus Mission

By Mango (PS) |   August 3, 2015

The academic library has always been the go-to hub on campus for students to develop the skills that will propel them towards success post-graduation. But in a world where budget cuts and university funding rule, it’s important that you can communicate the value of your academic library in a multitude of ways: not only do you need to support students, but you also need to provide resources for faculty and staff—and help your host academic institution thrive.

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The Replacement Process at Home

By Mango (PS) |   July 29, 2015

While your employee is busy doing everything from learning a new language to searching for the perfect expat abode, your stateside office has plenty of work to do in preparation for their departure, too. It’s essential that you work with everyone to make the transition as simple and pain-free as possible.

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The Librarian Today and the Librarian Yesterday

By Mango (PS) |   July 27, 2015

For years and years, the job of an academic librarian centered around connecting students to books, historical documents and sometimes shushing the louder patrons using the facilities. Today, they still serve as connectors to research and information, but their job has evolved from focusing on the physical (books, journals, etc) to include helping students navigate the growing world of digital resources.

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Helping Employees Find Housing Abroad

By Mango (PS) |   July 22, 2015

Your assignee has been given the location of their assignment, the paperwork for passports and visas are being processed, so what’s next? Finding a cozy place to call home, of course.

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Cleaning Up Your Collections Before the New Year Begins

By Mango (PS) |   July 20, 2015

It’s almost the end of July, meaning school is out and most students are off enjoying what’s left of their vacation. But even though your academic library might have fallen eerily silent after the annual student summer exodus, there’s still plenty of work to be done in preparation for the upcoming school year.

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What to do on the Day of your Assignee's Departure

By Mango (PS) |   July 15, 2015

Congratulations, HR manager! You’ve taken care of all necessary paperwork, helped your assignee secure housing and schooling for their kids, and their bags are packed. It’s T-minus 24 hours until they’re on the plane to their assignment, and you’re ready to relax.

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