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Kristy spends her time at Mango polishing our branding, dashing glitter on marketing campaigns, dueling typos to death, and asking HR if we can get a dog. Her Eastern European heritage predisposes her to be obsessed with pierogies, but nothing really explains her love for Castlevania. If she’s not planning her next mountain adventure, she’s probably trying to read a book that one of her cats is sitting on.

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Learn Irish This Saint Patrick's Day with Mango.

By Kristy Kieleszewski |   March 17, 2015

If you’re living in the United States, you may have awoken this morning to the enchanting scents of cabbage and corned beef wafting through the air. But before you head out to be a part of the festivities with your shamrock headband bobbing and leprechaun socks flashing, we’d like to help answer one question: Who was Saint Patrick? (That seems pretty important to know today, right?)

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