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Learn Shakespearean English with Mango’s Latest Course.

By Jillian Rodriguez |   Mar 23, 2015 1:42:34 PM

“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” Dear Mangos, we’re siding with Shakespeare (or more specifically, we’re siding with Malvolio, reading Maria’s letter in Twelfth Night) on this one. We think you were all born great, will achieve greatness, and because we really love you, we’re here to thrust greatness upon you.

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Mango Premiere Goes Wild: National Geographic’s Wild Chronicles.

By Jillian Rodriguez |   Mar 6, 2015 11:44:06 AM


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Boosting Usage Campus-Wide: Four Secrets to Success.

By Jillian Rodriguez |   Feb 23, 2015 5:26:12 PM

Campus librarians, break out the binoculars: It’s time to tackle campus visibility. Here at Mango, we’re known to be our own greatest hype man, and we can’t wait to up the language-learning ante on your campus. When programs and departments across campus come together and collaborate to promote Mango, magic happens. Our goal is to harness that collaboration to generate buzz, increase usage, and make Mango your campus’ online Cool Kids Club.

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Mobile Apps Makeover: We're Ready for Our Close-up.

By Jillian Rodriguez |   Feb 17, 2015 12:12:00 PM


They say you shouldn’t change for others, but we just want to make you happy. We’ve been hard at work to become the best Mango we can be based on your feedback, needs, and wildest dreams. Our mobile apps are the vehicle through which half of Mango users get their language-learning groove on, so we figured it was time for a tune-up. The mad scientists on our tech team took on the task, and now our Android and Apple apps are totally redesigned and better than ever.

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Boosting Campus Usage with Website Visibility: A How To Guide

By Jillian Rodriguez |   Feb 9, 2015 2:56:58 PM

To know Mango is to love Mango, and those of you who know us well know that we never shy away from the spotlight. We love attention, and that’s because attention on us means a major boost in usage for your campus. College campuses are some of the busiest places on Earth, and your school’s Mango subscription could easily get lost in the everyday hustle and bustle of campus life. We want to make sure your students have the opportunity to slow down and smell the language and culture learning roses.

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Introducing...Mango's New Cherokee Language Course.

By Jillian Rodriguez |   Feb 2, 2015 11:18:18 AM

Alright, we have a confession to make: When it comes to our target audience, we’ll admit it, we have a type. We design our courses with language lovers in mind. You know who you are ― you seek out languages rich in culture and with deep historical roots, you geek out on history as much as language learning, and you actually enjoy the mental workout of learning a polysynthetic language. So with you in mind, you zany little language lovers, we’re proud, excited, and honored to unveil our latest course: the Cherokee language.

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In It to Win It: Mango’s Mobile Usage Challenge

By Jillian Rodriguez |   Jan 27, 2015 1:49:38 PM

Attention Mango libraries: Are you ready to rumble?

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Celebrating the Japanese New Year in 2015.

By Jillian Rodriguez |   Jan 20, 2015 4:44:46 PM

Here in the States, we’re still sweeping up the confetti and streamers from 2015’s New Year’s Eve celebrations. An event characterized by showers of champagne, lofty New Year’s resolutions, and community-wide ball drops, the United States has a flair for ringing in the New Year. As we settle into 2015, there’s no better time to turn our lens outward to NYE traditions around the world.

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Three Quick Tips to Increase Language Learning Enthusiasm in the Classroom

By Jillian Rodriguez |   Jan 14, 2015 11:42:01 AM

Language learning and the classroom are truly the perfect pair. They go together like peanut butter and jelly, macaroni and cheese, and Monday mornings and Silent Ball. It just makes sense. Young learners are the reigning champs of language learning, with brains fully-equipped to absorb and retain new concepts. It can be tough to find space to encourage language learning in the demanding schedules of the daily classroom, but where there’s a will, there’s a way. In the name of increasing the presence of language learning in the classroom, superstar teachers around the globe are implementing these genius guiding philosophies. Known to instill a lifelong love of language learning and sudden onset bilingualism in unsuspecting students, these ideas should be handled with extreme caution.

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Meet the Candidates: ALA Presidential Election 2016-2017

By Jillian Rodriguez |   Jan 6, 2015 4:00:06 PM

The library world is already buzzing about the 2016-2017 American Library Association (ALA) Presidential Elections, and we couldn't be more excited. As the oldest and largest library association in the world, the president's leadership impacts librarianship everywhere, and that’s a cause we care about. We’re shining a spotlight on the four awesome candidates to highlight who they are and what they stand for. Ballot voting for ALA members begins March 24, 2015 and closes on May 1, 2015. Now’s the time to study up on the ALA’s four presidential candidates and start deciding who will win your vote this election. Without further ado, let’s meet the candidates.

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