Are Romance Languages More Romantic?

February 12, 2014 / by Mango Languages

Around this time of year, Mango clients, customers, and employees all find themselves pondering the same question: are Romance languages really more romantic? And if so, what makes them so romantic? You’ve come to the right place. You’ve got language questions, we’ve got answers. It’s what we do. Increase your love language IQ with this crash course in Romance languages, just in time for Valentine's Day.
Why are they called Romance languages

They’re called Romance languages because:

Native speakers of these languages have irresistibly romantic accents.

Just kidding. As true as that is, the term actually derives from the Latin word romanice (sound familiar?), loosely meaning “in the Roman manner.”

What does Rome have to do with it?

In Rome, circa the fifth century, the classical form of Latin was edged out by Vulgar (aka “crowd”) Latin in speech and popularity. Around town, most people spoke in this more casual and varied form of Latin, which eventually spread throughout the Roman Empire. Through invasions, conquests, and the Empire’s eventual decline, new variations of Vulgar Latin spread beyond Rome, ultimately evolving into their own separate Romance, or “in the Roman style,” languages. Isn’t that Romantic?

What’s in it for us?

Turns out, there’s some pretty big perks to learning a Romance language. With Latin at its core, Romance languages share a lot of the same vocabulary, grammar structures, and, of course, an expansive history. For language learners, that means your lessons just got a lot easier. Once you know one Romance language, you’ve got a cheat sheet for learning any other Latin influenced language. And if you really want to dig in to the heart of Romance, why not cut to the chase and learn Latin? Mango’s Religious and Scholarly Language collection offers a fun and easy Latin course; so that you can be both scholarly and Romantic. It doesn’t get much better than that.

When In Rome...

Do as the Mangos do. The Roman Mangos. Transport yourself thousands of years back to the Roman Empire and learn the Latin vocabulary necessary to enjoy the texts of Cicero, decode the ancient Latin graffiti in Pompeii, and impress your date by ordering dinner in Latin. We’re sure your waiter will play along.

And if she doesn’t, try Italian. Or Spanish. No matter which Romance language your heart desires; we’ve got the course to get the love flowing this Valentine’s Day. For a quickie, check out our flirty mini-courses, designed to get you a date in Spanish, French, Brazilian Portuguese, and Italian. And if you’re looking to start a long-term relationship with us, we’re ready to commit. Mango’s full language-learning courses will go the distance with you in all the major Romance languages.

So, are you ready for some Romance? Find Mango in your library to start your language love affair today.

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