Apply Now: Announcing Mango/NMRT’s Professional Development Grant 2017.

February 23, 2017 / by Jillian Rodriguez

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If you know Mango (and if you don’t, hi!), you know that we love our librarians. Even more importantly, we believe in librarians. We could go on about the reasons why, but chief among them is that librarians are in perfect step with Mango’s mission to enrich lives with language and culture.

By cultivating community spaces and access in public libraries around the world, librarians are among our most powerful co-conspirators in connecting people to the language and culture learning resources that can change lives. That’s why we’re excited to announce the 2017 Mango/NMRT (New Members Round Table) Professional Development Grant to support one librarian’s journey to the 2017 ALA Annual Conference & Exhibition in Chicago June 22 - 27, 2017.

The conference may be several months away, but just like you we run on librarian time. We understand that making it to an ALA Conference takes time, planning, and a budget. Especially for newer librarians, you’ll need time to make the case for attending, gather funds, and plan how to make the most of your conference experience. By applying to our scholarship with NMRT by Tuesday, March 7 at 5 pm EST, you could be that much closer to attending the can’t-miss librarian conference of the year.


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What you need to know.

Since this scholarship is designed to support a rising star in the librarian world, applicants must be an ALA member and a member of the ALA’s New Members Round Table, a committee dedicated to helping members of less than ten years find their path in ALA and maximize their involvement. The scholarship will be awarded to one librarian,  providing them with a $1,000 grant to help fund their trip to the 2017 ALA Conference in Chicago. That means you’ll have to be available to attend the conference from June 22 - 27 this year — and trust us, you’ll want to cancel your other plans and put ALAAC17 on your calendar. If you’re second guessing this decision at all, call us directly and let us rant to you about why it will be the best week ever. We’ve been there, we know!

Ahem. As we were saying. This scholarship is close to our hearts because it’s all about supporting your mission as a librarian and empowering you to positively impact your home library. In the application, we’ll ask you to share some of your past experiences, current involvement, and your professional long-term goals. The selection committee is also looking for candidates who are energized and excited to participate in the ALA and NMRT communities this year and beyond, so don’t be shy about shouting out the ALA committees and projects that speak to you. For more details on the application, read about the 2017 Mango/NMRT grant and criteria.


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Why you should apply.

As if ALAAC17’s incredible programming isn’t inspiration enough, we’ve got more motivation for you. Consider the greatness of the recipients that precede you.

In 2015, we were fortunate enough to help sponsor Veronica Leigh Milliner, a Library and Information Services Trainer for the St. Lucia Public Library System in the Eastern Caribbean. Veronica shared with us that her work is motivated by a mission to provide library services for poor and marginalized people — both domestically and abroad. At ALAAC15, Veronica had the opportunity to expand her network of like-minded librarians, game-changing vendors, and deepen her expertise in librarianship.

Last year, we awarded Denise Tabscott, a middle school librarian for the Metro Nashville Public Schools who earned her MLS in 2014 from Middle Tennessee State University. When we met Denise, we quickly learned how committed she is to keeping her students excited about reading by organizing creative, engaging activities all year long. Through active participation in ALA, local, and state librarian organizations, Denise works collaboratively with her co-librarian to bring her students a variety of unique, innovative learning experiences that her students love. During ALAAC16 in Orlando, Denise was inspired by a talk from Margaret Atwood, a moving ceremony at the Printz Award Reception, and The Changing Face of YA panel.

The Mango/NMRT Professional Development Grant Hall of Fame is already filled with heavy-hitters in librarianship — and you could be next. We’re looking for librarians on a mission; ALA members ready to make a positive impact at home and in the expansive ALA community. If you or a librarian you love are ready to share your story, submit your application by Tuesday, March 7 at 5 pm EST. ALAAC17 is calling your name, and we can’t wait to hear from you.

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Written by Jillian Rodriguez

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