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Apples to Apples: Fall Culture

applesOn this crisp Fall Friday, I couldn’t help but get excited for some of my weekend plans. What are my plans? I’m glad you asked. This weekend I plan on making my annual outing to the Franklin Cider Mill here in Michigan. There is nothing that I associate Fall more with than the Cider Mill. The hot apple cider, the greasy paper bags full of hot donuts, caramel apples, glazed pecans, candy corn; the variety of feelgood deliciousness is the epitome of Fall around here.

This got me thinking about the Fall culture, and why going to the Cider Mill comes to mind when thinking about Fall. Apples; they are the driving force behind everything that the Cider Mill is now today. For hundreds of years, apples have been supplying a delicious and nutritious fruit allover the world. Johnny Chapman, also known as Johnny Appleseed brought from Europe a small variety of apples. Farmers allover the United States took these varieties and combined two or more apples and named them what they thought appropriate. Years ago Europe had as many as 350 different varieties. Today there are as many as 7000 different varieties throughout the United States. Approximately 20 varieties of apples are used for marketing purposes.

Going to the Cider Mill is an event. Families and friends stand in line while catching up on community news, children play by the stream near the Mill while feeding ducks, and other sit at picnic tables enjoying the Fall goodies they just bought. One can smell the donuts from about a mile away. It’s almost impossible to only have one donut, if you have hot cider nearby you might as well buy at least a half dozen donuts. Better safe than sorry :-)

How do you celebrate Fall Culture?

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