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And We Thought We Never Slept!

midnight_sun“The Midnight Sun” might sound like an oxymoron to you, but to the people north of the Arctic Circle (and all 6 or so below the Antarctic Circle), this is a way of life.

I’m sure we all know that the earth rotates around the sun on a tilt, so naturally it follows that at our poles – areas like Norway, Canada, Alaska, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Finland, and parts of Iceland- there are literally months and months of continuous sunlight, or on the converse,  months of no sunlight at all!  The closer you travel towards the poles, the longer these periods last.  We like to joke here at Mango that we never sleep.  Maybe we should have moved farther north.

It may seem a bit extreme to try and live here, but take Norway for example.  This country’s citizens exhibit one of the highest standards of living in the world. People here have adapted to this odd rhythm of sunlight by doing things like regulating working hours, making the work day much more lenient in the summer to encourage time for leisure and outdoor activities.

So, would you be fine with seeing the sun for 24 hours a day?  Have you ever visited or lived in one of these places? Please share!

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    • Since I was a child, I found life near the poles so fascinating! Two summers ago, I went up north with my family and it was nice to have light at 11:00 at night and to wake up at 4:00 in the morning to close the curtains as the light was already strong. However, I prefer the winter (I’ve had enough of sun in my life) with only a quarter of an hour hazy sunlight a day. Pitch dark! Hopefully we will go to Nordkapp, the northernmost part of Europe, this winter to see the borealis!

    • I need lots of sunlight to stay happy – which is probably why I tend to get sadder in the winter months. I’d probably enjoy living somewhere where the sun is up most of the time, especially since I can sleep through just about anything!

      Since I’ve already related zombies and linguistics in a previous post, I feel it’s my duty to point out that the movie 30 Days of Night is about a vampire invasion in a small Alaska town during the time of year when the sun isn’t out at all…perfect for photophobic vampires!

    • Lilia- That’s awesome! I wish I could see something so spectacular.

      Kelly- You bring up a good point. Luckily, being Italian has served to build up my vampire-resistance through a constant, but potent, diet of garlic.


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