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4 reasons we love the world's biggest book fair.

10 Mouth-Watering Recipes From Around the World.

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Oktoberfest: The World’s Largest Folk Festival

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What’s word order got to do with it?

Interview with Elisa Polese.

Overcoming anxiety in language learning.

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Style do's and don'ts abroad.

Adventures in 20 languages.

A doctor's guide to relocation.

Promoting a healthy lifestyle abroad.

Getting funding for Mango.

Helping patrons prepare for the SATs.

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PLA 2016 VIP Party Dance Moves [Infographic]

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PLA 2016 Is Going to Be Extraordinary

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The History of the Library

Making Libraries a Family Matter

The History of St. Patrick's Day

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Interview with a Polyglot: Tim Doner

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How to Market Technology to Library Patrons

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Language Learning Myths

Mango 2015: A Year in Review

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New Year's Resolutions Abroad

Library New Year Checklist

ALA MW16: New Year, New Conversations

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Save an Endangered Language: Learn Yiddish

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Saddle Up for Siena's Palio Horse Race

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Check out Mango Conversations' New Skin

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Mangos Planting Seeds in the Community

TAMIU's Guide to Mango's Successful Launch

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10 Misconceptions About Language Learning

Top things students struggle with at the library

Dealing with emergencies overseas

3 Biggest Hurdles to Successful Repatriation

Mango's Five Favorite Premiere Films

Preparing for Senior Thesis Time

Managing Assignees in Different Time Zones

Kicking Off the Year with Mango

The Replacement Process at Home

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Innovation in Action: The Harvard Labs

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Maximizing Your Digital Collections

How Assignees Can (and do!) Use Mango

Catering to a global campus

Managing Assignments Around the Globe

Social Media and the Library

The Top Three Reasons Relocations Fail

MOOCs and Your Library

Mango for Every Family Member

Happy Hour Across the World

Keeping Your Academic Library Tech Relevant

Relocation: Make it a Family Matter

Relocation: Make it a Family Matter

Learn flirty phrases for Valentine's day.

Take a bite of... gołąbki

17 new specialty courses, hot off the presses.

Say hello to Iraqi Arabic.

Celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day!

8 Essential ESL Supports for School Success

You're Invited: Mango Homeschool Twitter Party

Mango's Guide to Digital Language

Five language and learning myths, debunked.

Happy 147th Birthday, Canada!

We Can't Wait for ALA 2014!

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Mangos love their moms!

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Customer Advisory - Heart Bleed Open SSL Bug

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Throwback Thursday: St. Patrick's Day Edition

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Discover Languages Month: Celebrate February

Are Romance Languages More Romantic?

Say Hello to a Bigger, Brighter Mango

Heading to ALA?

Introducing, Mango Connect.

Party with Mango & EveryLibrary at ALA Midwinter

Say hello to a bigger, brighter Mango.

Say hello to a bigger, brighter Mango.

Foreign Film: An Academic Approach

Top 10 Tips for Surviving in Germany

Start Bragging. You’ve Earned It.

Here's to French wine, cheers!

English is weird.

Theory Thursday: Mental Dictionaries

Cheers to Oktoberfest

Spanglish: English Words With a Spanish Twist

What is a WUG?

Special Guest at the Mango Grove

Cockney Rhyming Slang

Let's Talk About Organic Learning!

Language Theory: UTAH Bound!

New Language, New Perspective on Life

Mango Mania is Here! Apply Now

The What and Who of Headedness

Is Cheese plural for Choose?

Thematic Roles of Predicates. Yay Grammar!

Do Your Knees Laugh?

Syntax – It’s not another tax on beer?

TBLL--No, It's Not a Medical Condition

Affective Filter Hypothesis

Stages of Language Learning

Practice Makes Perfect

10 Reasons Why You Should Learn Spanish

10 Reasons Why You Should Learn Spanish

Let Me Repeat Myself

Greek Dancing

If You Don't Use It...You Will Lose It

Ghoti Spells Fish

Mighty Morphemes

The Linguistic Elephant in the Room

Learn Spanish

2 Ways to Translate

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