A Foreign Language is Key to Employment Success

Dec 9, 2009 3:59:41 AM / by Mango Languages

Global EconomyThe way people do business today has changed. Due to a flattening of the world and the ever increasing need to be able to do business across borders foreign languages are becoming an integral part of education and job readiness.

Did you know?
1. Three in four Human Resource Executives cited study abroad as important when evaluating the resume of a job candidate.
2. Colleges look for both a well-rounded, balanced student and that 'standout' special gift, skill, or talent, such as language proficiency gained from studying abroad.
3. International volunteer work is highly regarded in graduate school applicants and is often favorable in the eyes of prospective employers.
4. Internships abroad are an excellent option for graduates and undergraduates. They provide the training needed to succeed in a career, as well as practical experience critical in qualifying for gainful employment.
5. Learning a language and studying abroad can save thousands of dollars in tuition and lead to graduating faster. *
6. Employers say that knowledge of a 2nd or 3rd language is crucial in today's competitive job marketplace.
7. Students are finding that taking a gap year between high school and college to study or work abroad can increase their opportunities, both in education and employment.

How are you staying competitive?

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