17 new specialty courses, hot off the presses.

October 29, 2014 / by Rachel Reardon

Looking to learn something new? Mango’s specialty courses celebrate world cultures and dive into unique interests with short, easy lessons for new learners and seasoned experts alike.

We’re excited to announce the debut of 17 new specialty courses, covering diverse topics like Feng Shui in Mandarin, Flamenco in Spanish, and Mimetic Words in Japanese. Use these courses to explore a brand new language and culture, or to enrich your current language-learning endeavors. Curious about our latest additions? Here’s a brief introduction to what’s new to Mango’s specialty courses.*

Hospitality and Tourism: Ready for an adventure? Learn to plan your next Brazilian excursion with this course devoted to Hospitality and Tourism in Brazilian Portuguese. You’ll learn to discuss your plans and preferences, arrange transportation, and book your accommodations. Whether you’ll be exploring the Tijuca Rainforest or relaxing on a pristine coastal beach, your next trip to Brazil is sure to be a success.

Soccer: Calling all soccer fans! Learn soccer-specific Castilian Spanish with this course entirely dedicated to the celebration of one of Spain’s favorite games. Invite friends over to watch the game, insults the referee, and predict the game’s winner. You’ll never be sidelined in conversations with locals again.

Flamenco: ¡Ole! Explore the rich culture and tradition of Flamenco with this special Spanish course. You’ll learn to talk about Flamenco dancing, discover its rich culture, and discuss kinship. After all, Flamenco is way more fun with your family and friends dancing right beside you.

Wine and Cheese: Wine, dine, and eat cheese like a true French connoisseur. There’s a rich and thriving culture around wine and cheese in France, and this course is a perfect introduction to one of France’s most fabulous and delicious traditions. Learn to order cheese and wine, explore the tradition’s historical roots, and practice idiomatic phrases specific to wine and cheese. Bon appétit!

Carnival of Venice: Escape to Italy and revel in one of the world’s most famous festivals. This Italian course focuses on the Venice Carnival and teaches you to discuss the festival, make plans, and express admiration for all those awesome costumes. Learn the rich history behind the Carnival of Venice and the trademark traditions of this spectacular event.

Horse Race of Siena: Even if you speak Italian, you may not speak the language of the Siena Horse Race. In this course, learn to use and understand the jargon of the Horse Race and discuss plans for the event. You’ll learn to cheer on your chosen contrade, admire the pageant’s lavish costumes, and celebrate the Palio just like a local.

English Loanwords: If you speak English, you already speak some Japanese. This course teaches you to identify and use the many English words hidden throughout the Japanese language. Learn to speak in the casual style used among friends and family and practice using English loanwords in Japanese. Consider this course your cheat sheet for learning Japanese.

Mimetic Words: In Japanese, some words sound like what they describe. Learn to identify mimetic words in Japanese and use them in casual conversations. Explore the language’s unique and colorful sounds and learn to use mimetic words to describe, inquire, and discuss in Japanese.

Feng Shui: Learn the basics of Feng Shui with Mandarin lessons on discussing features of a home and the fundamentals of Feng Shui. Whether you’re hoping to use Feng Shui in your own home or curious about Chinese culture, this course is your gateway to Feng Shui mastery.

Arab Superstitions (MSA): Arabic culture observes many fascinating superstitions. This course guides you through an array of important superstitions like the evil eye, blue beads, and incense, and teaches you how to discuss them in conversation.

Legal Spanish: Learn legal-specific Spanish with this course devoted to legal vocabulary and jargon. In the context of a divorce case, learn to greet others, introduce yourself, and discuss legal proceedings. You’ll be a legal expert in Spanish in no time!

Texting, Spanish:
Technology has changed how we communicate and the way we write when sending text messages has become a language all its own. Learn the acronyms, and shorthand to text like a Spanish native in this techy course.

Texting, English for Spanish speakers: Technology has changed how we communicate and the way we write when sending text messages has become a language all its own. Learn the acronyms, and shorthand to text like an English-speaking native in this techy course.

Zodiac, Mandarin: According to Chinese zodiac beliefs, the year of one’s birth reveals their personality, characteristics. Check out this course to learn about the ancient Chinese zodiac signs that still impact daily Chinese life.

Arab Etiquette, MSA: Heading over to visit an Arab home? This course will help you impress your friends with how perfectly you introduce people, teach you to greet other guests, and most importantly: help you show your understanding and respect for Arab etiquette.

Slang, Russian: Check out this hip course to sound like one of the coolest learners in town. You’ll learn to greet new friends and talk about clothes and money in perfect, natural, Russian slang.

Superstitions, Russian: Almost all cultures have superstitions and Russian is no exception. From avoiding black cats to running away from people carrying buckets, learn about all the ways Russians keep bad luck at bay.

*Not all specialty course content is available to all users.

Rachel Reardon

Written by Rachel Reardon

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