Five ways syntax is better than taxes.

April 15, 2014 / by Mango Languages



Happy Tax Day! Just kidding. As linguists, we’d prefer to pay our dues in syntax over taxes, but when we mailed the government an envelope full of well-arranged words, they sent it right back to us. That’s okay, we had to try. Our favorite part of tax season (and any season) is the opportunity for language-themed plays on words, puns, and sharing them with you. The groan-worthy, the hilarious, and the absurd – all in a day’s work here at Mango. So, step away from that pile of paperwork and take five minutes to pay gratitude to your syntaxes.


calvin and hobbes

1. You can’t tax syntax.

Let’s start by stating the obvious. You can’t tax syntax, and that’s the number one reason why syntax > taxes. No need to record the number of times you’ve inverted a sentence while learning a new language, or the degree to which you depend on Microsoft Word’s grammar check while writing. We love that squiggly green line as much as you do. It’s all water under the bridge, because our syntaxes are blissfully duty-free.


best friends

2. Syntax makes more friends.

Although many friendships have emerged from strangers commiserating in an H&R Block office, it’s more fun to befriend someone through the magic of syntax. Technically speaking, it’s nearly impossible to verbally befriend anyone without syntax, but who would want to anyways? True masters of syntax know how to use language to genuinely win friends and influence people – and if you can do it in more than one language, then you may just be the richest person around (and you're definitely a Mango user).


april thank you

3. No sin taxes on syntax.

This is a prime example of linguist humor – this one had us in stitches. Even though it’s pretty safe to say that your syntax isn’t sinful, it really all depends on what you’re saying. But if we know our Mangos, you’d only use your syntactical powers for good, not evil. So while you have to dish out a little extra dough to purchase your libations, you can continue to speak freely while you enjoy them. Syntax wins again.


cat playing monopoly

4. You can play games with syntax.

There are a lot of games out there involving word play, spelling, and syntax (and we’ve played them all), but not so many about taxes. That’s a good thing, because we’d be terrible at them. Except our Accounting Department – they’re a bunch of geniuses who would win every single round of "Tax Day" Monopoly. And for that, we are eternally grateful. As for the rest of us, we'll leave our taxes to the experts and continue rearranging the magnetic poetry on the office fridge (it comes in every language!) into hilarious puns about mangos.

From us to you, Happy (Syn)tax Day!

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