10 Reasons People Learn a Foreign Language

Oct 22, 2009 4:34:51 AM / by Mango Languages

bigstockphoto_Words_Top__Reasons_917274Many people dream of learning a foreign language and often have it on their bucket list of things to do before they die. Learning a foreign language ranks up there with losing weight and knowing how to play the piano when it comes to New Years Resolutions.

The reasons people want to the learn the language are:

1. Travel - taking a trip to a foreign land
2. Business - communication across borders
3. Heritage - family is international
4. Love - in a relationship with someone from another country
5. Moving - emigrating or moving abroad
6. School - studying abroad
7. Religion - holy books are in a different language
8. Culture - art, poetry, film, food etc come from around the world
9. Challenge - doing something you have never done before
10. Interest - learn the mechanics of a language other than yours

What about you? Why are you learning a foreign language?

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